Tuesday, 24 September 2013

N5million Naira Opportunity for Innovative Minds

As Nigeria marks another year of independence, join young Nigerians as theypresent innovative concepts that can move the country forward. Join The Innovation Challenge and stand a chance to win N5million
We regard an innovative concept as a developed idea, product or service that provides new value and has the potential to solve a social or economic challenge. Join the contest: Visit -iQubeonline.com
 While entrepreneurship is credited as a critical driver of economic growth, recent industry studies reveal that 65% of start-ups in Nigeria die within the first 3 years, no thanks to the country’s current 131st position in the global ease-of-doing business ranking. A position attributable to the poor quality of infrastructure in the nation. Continue...
This dire situation has increased the need for aspiring and established entrepreneurs to employ innovation as a vital tool for business success and socio-economic impact. The Innovation Challenge is a uniquely designed contest aimed at promoting and rewarding innovation. The Innovation Challenge is organised by iQube and supported by Ciuci Consulting, CNBC Africa and other strategic partners.
Objective of “The Innovation Challenge”
- To provide a platform for the Nigerian youth to present innovative concepts that can provide significant economic and social impact
- To promote innovation and ‘out-the-box’ thinking among young professionals
- To rewardinnovation challenge participants with prices worth N5million For further information, visit iQubeonline.com

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