Thursday, 10 October 2013


To all batch C corpers passing out,

        It all started with a letter that determined where you would spend a better part of your life in your mother land- Nigeria. Followed shortly by 3 weeks of rigorous matching, drilling and waking up as early as 5 o’clock with some taking their bath in the open (especially boys) in the various NYSC camps scattered across Nigeria.

        After your three weeks, you most likely were happy you’ve left a stressful life. Little did you know that you were getting ready for the real deal. When you were given your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), you were happy that you started working and are being paid by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You were assigned to different CDS (Community Development Service) group.
Work started, you enjoyed every bit of it… the privilege of leaving you place of residence to a place you work, the privilege of being called Federal government property, of being paid #19800 directly from Nigeria. You might have also enjoy the love shown by people in the location you serve (getting cheap food, the care, to mention a few)
        With time days rolled by, then after the first month you got your first alert. You were feeling special. Even your family members might have requested you help them financially (for some). Then months rolled by… meanwhile you still carried out your normal activity of going to your PPA, attending CDS and other leisure activity.

        When you realized you were about finishing your one year tenor, some were fed up and were praying that the service year finish quickly. Final clearance then set in, followed by the matching parade… then came that moment you eagerly anticipated… you were handed your discharge certificate. Which is the reason for your happiness today, the reason you feel like a proper graduate.
I am happy for and with you today because today marks the beginning of something great in your life, the beginning of that high paying job, the beginning of something amazing. Using this opportunity, Le’ Will with the CEO to be Ofiavwe Williamson says "HAPPY POP TO YOU, YOU & YOU PASSING OUT TODAY. HAVE A SPLENDID DAY"
Yours faithfully,
Le’ Will- CEO.

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