Sunday, 13 October 2013

Akpos Jokes: End Your With at Least a Smile

I should have

WIFE: I should have married the devil. Even he would make a better husband than you. HUSBAND: But honey, marriage between relatives is illegal.

A tale of two mums AKPOS: Mum, grandma is so annoying, I wish she will just die. MUM: Idiot! Its your Mother that will die, not mine. Who is more stupid? Why Should I Akpos, Ken and Seth went to rob a supermarket at night. They decided not to give an answer to any question if they were unfortunately caught. A neighbor saw them, called the police and unfortunately for them they were caught. POLICE:[to Ken] What's your name? There was no answer. POLICE:[to Seth] What's your name? He didn't respond either. POLICE:[to Akpos] What's your name? AKPOS: Ken and Seth did not mention their names why should I?

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