Saturday, 2 November 2013

LIB exclusive: Marketers ban Mercy Johnson for being too expensive

Yeah you read right, Nollwood marketers have banned
actress Mercy Johnson Okojie for being too expensive.
Doesn't make sense does it? If someone's fees is too high,
the sensible thing to do would be to boycott them and use
less expensive actresses. Leave her to those who can
afford her na, abi?
Mercy Johnson is currently the highest paid actress in
Nollywood. She charges between N1.8million to N2m to
feature in a movie. The others, like Ini and Funke charge
between N700k to N1.2million.
For this reason, the actress has been blacklisted by the
Nollywood Movie Marketers Association. The ban will not
take effect immediately as Mercy has already signed up to
do quite a number of movies. She returned on Thursday
from a movie location, and will be on the set of another
movie from tomorrow, Sunday. She will be traveling out of
Nigeria sometime this month and when she returns, will be
on another movie set...so she's basically booked till the
end of the year.
The idea now is not to ban her after all her current
contracts end. So the ban won't take effect until at least
January 2014. This is not the first time the movie
marketers association will be placing a ban on actors.
They did this a few years ago when quite a number of
Nollywood actors including Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey
Noah, RMD, Emeka Ike, Jim Iyke and others were

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