Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Suprising ways to loose weight

Hit the dance floor

Get into the groove by dancing for 20 minutes at a moderate pace. For an added kick, choose up-tempo music—you’ll get your heart racing without even realizing it.

The great outdoors

Give your flower beds some love and burn off last night’s dessert by gardening for 30 minutes. Weeding and planting seeds are particularly good ways to break a sweat.

Head outside

After the pretty leaves of autumn have fallen, tidy up the lawn by spending 40 minutes raking them up. Once you’re done, bag the piles and bring them to the curb for extra strength training.

Shop till you drop

Forget lightening your wallet! Instead, apply the principle to your waistline by window shopping for 30 minutes. Of course, you could add in a little strength training, by carrying a few recent purchases around.

Satisfy your belly

Your tummy will benefit in more ways than one when you spend 40 minutes in the kitchen preparing a homemade meal. If you really want to work those arms, try some labor-intensive prep work like kneading dough, whipping cream or grinding spices with a mortar and pestle.

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